Distance Healing

Distance Healing

I've had great success sending healing energy to people and animals all across the planet; from Taiwan, to India, Africa, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, the Phillipines, the U.K., Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

My specialty is pain relief but I also work with entrepreneurs who request energy so they can be their brightest selves when presenting at conferences or workshops. If you are interested in a Distance Healing session email your name, location, specific request and if there is a certain time you'd like it to arrive.

15 min - $20
1/2 hr - $30 1 hr - $50

Prepayment via Paypal is required to Mark@LuminousAndHealthy.com


Distance Healing Testimonials

"I want to thank Mark Gerardi for working his distance healing magic
on this swelling and infection in my lower right jaw bone. I had been seeing my
dentist all week to be treated with ozone with little improvement,but the day after
Mark agreed to help me by doing some etheric surgery of sorts to remove any
infection remaining from my jaw bone, I awoke with the swelling reduced by 95%
and almost no pain whatsoever! All in one night! Call it woo woo, if you like,
but it really worked! I can't thank you or recommend you enough Mark!"
~ Nancy Parker, San Diego CA

"After 2 weeks of burning pain from a herniated disc I woke up the morning
after you sent your distance healing to being almost pain free! No joke!
Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously."
~ Wendy Ward, Portland ME

"Mark , I just have to comment this morning on the Distance Healing
you sent me last night....went to bed early as I didn't feel well.
and upon waking this morning, have felt the BEST I have in a very long time!
Head pain that dogged me for past four days is gone and the stomach pain
I've had for past two weeks is less with 'other' signs of improvement noted!! :)
Thank you for your efforts. Your help in recovering from this illness is GREATLY
appreciated!! You have an amazing gift...thank you for sharing! :)"
~ Karen Sixfivenine, RN, Middletown NY

"As a Holistic Health Practitioner I believe and have experienced the
power of energy work. I received a distance healing session from Mark
that struck significance. I have not felt the energy like that in some time. It hit me
right away like a warm, loving blanket. I instantly became calm and felt the energy
run through me in such a beautiful wave. I felt a release and a clearing of blocks
that had me renewed, refreshed and at peace. Mark is a strong, in tune, authentic,
and compassionate healer. A true gift to all he encounters."
~ Cassandra Alls, Rockville MD

"Thank you for sending energy healing to me from the Atlantic Coast.
I felt your wonderful ability on the Pacific
Coast.  I had experienced
sudden excruciating pain in my back and hip. I was using a cane for support.
Your amazing energy healing provided immediate relief and I had no
further need for the cane. Your distance healing is masterful and as I felt your
work through my body I began to cry tears of joy in astonishment.
Thank you for your incredible work.  I am happy to share your services with many
others because your gifts and your mastery are driven by a compassionate heart.
You deserve to be sufficiently supported to sustain this great work."
~ Mary Nicholson, Founder of Healings in Motion, Stockton CA

"Mark is a very powerful healer. I have had the special treat to experience
his gift hands on, but more often I ask him to work on me while I’m traveling
for conferences, on vacation or just need a pick me up. I was at conference in
NYC and needed support. I was over tired, slightly anxious,  jet lagged and had
a splitting head ache.  Within an hour, I was feeling better and able to show up
& rock the 1st day of my conference. He continued to support me with
“energy blasts” throughout the weekend, I was AMAZED how great I felt.
Pain is pain…and I had NONE! I’m a true believer.  It works, you'll feel energized,
relaxed, balanced and pain free!
Distance healing should be part of everyone’s tool box for nourishing themselves."
~ Heidi Symonds, Health Coach, Nourish Yourself for Life, Portland ME

"Mark Gerardi is a very talented healer.  I was in California for a speaking gig
and after all the travel from Maine and a variety of factors all coming together, it
created the perfect storm for a terrible migraine. I woke on the morning of my
presentation and was in so much pain that I had a hard time getting out of bed,
moving in a car was torture and I was vomiting from the pain.  I was facing a
2 hour road trip to get to where I was speaking that evening and I couldn’t imagine
how I was going to pull it off.  I called Mark and asked him to do a distance healing
on me to try to ground my energy.  Within 30 minutes I was feeling significantly
better, and 4 hours later I was laughing on the road, feeling 100% normal and
excited for my event.  Normally my migraines come, I take all kinds of pain meds
without relief and they last 3 days.
I highly recommend Mark and his amazing ability to heal from a distance."
~ Bambi Thompson, Mind Mastery Coach, Bath ME

"I’m so happy I just had to write this testimonial. Mark did some distance
healing work for my sister’s dog in April and he walked off the vets table without
a problem, it was like a miracle because he had to be carried in. Anyway I was
at a different sister’s house in Buffalo and her dog was older and seemed to be not
doing so well and my brother in law was thinking of putting her down. I asked Mark
if he could do some distance healing work on her behalf and the dog was fine later
that same day!! She was better!!!! Thank you ever so much Mark!"
~ Leslie Santomauro, New York NY

"Recently, after a violent conflict, it became clear to me that a
particular relationship of many years, was no longer serving me.
Divine providence intervened, by placing Mark in my path
directly following this incident. Mark suggested that we do a
‘Cord Cutting’ ceremony to address the deeper karmic complexities
around this relationship and pave the way for a peaceful transition
of each other’s experience.
Shaped by years of study and spiritual discipline Mark has access
to a wealth of practical knowledge and wields it with the purity and
of an adept to meet the needs at hand. As a result of the work
that he did, there was an immediate and palpable shift in my
environment which has restored the peace on a number of levels.
I recommend Mark unconditionally as a gifted Master facilitator
who stands out from the rest. He ‘walks the walk’ "
~ Natascha D. LaVielle, San Diego, CA

"Thanks for sending a healing for my old horse Blairlogie. She has been very
ill with an infection and also in alot of pain in her right back leg. I was worried
when she started to go down hill again last night. So we changed her meds,
but by 8am she was not improved. And get this… your distance healing
energy came at 8:45 and by 10am she had 80% improvement."

~Fiona Murphy, Featherston, New Zealand

"Thank you so much. I was in bed when the distance healing energy went
out: I actually slept for 6 hours without waking (which is almost unheard
of, normally!) and despite the problems with my respiratory system today
I actually felt well enough to WANT to go outside. Thank you again,
many blessings <3 ."

~Jude Cartledge. Norfolk, UK

"Last night... I was feeling some pain, that I feel occasionally, that usually
lasts 2 days or more!!...and this morning I feel no pain!! So thank u Mark!
Your distant healing sent me over the edge!! I feel great : You are wonderful :) ."

~Elena Swan, New York