What does it mean to be Luminous & Healthy?

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.
You must feel the Force around you; here,
between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere.”
- Yoda

Since ancient times it has been known that there is a Luminous Energy Field that surrounds the physical body. It is sometimes referred to as the light body or aura. In the Hindu tradition they refer to this energy as prana. This tradition also tells us that there are 7 major energy centers located on the body known as chakras. These chakras are openings in the Luminous Energy Field. When the human body is healthy these chakras are clear and spin at a specific rate or vibration and the energy flows unhindered. Traditional Chinese Medicine calls this energy chi, or life force energy. TCM also tells us that the human body is covered by a series of energy pathways called meridians through which the chi flows. When the human body is healthy the chi flows unobstructed throughout these meridians.

Throughout our daily lives stresses be they mental, emotional, physical or spiritual can leave their mark on our energy system as negativity in our aura, sludge in our chakras or blockages of our meridians. The goal of Luminous & Healthy is to open blockages of the clients energy centers so that the luminous energy may flow freely once again allowing the body to return to its natural healthy state thereby healing itself.

But Luminous & Healthy is more than healing. Once healing has occurred an on-going process of regular upkeep is required to maintain health. We provide a variety of tools for you to be able to begin or enhance an already healthy lifestyle.

"Easing Pain and providing Tools for Transformation and a Luminous Life"

The Healer's Path

My own interest in healing came at an early age linked to martial arts. As a kid my favorite TV show was Kung Fu. The hero Kwai Chang Caine was a soft-spoken, thoughtful, peaceful priest, yet he could kick serious butt and heal with a handful of herbs. A few years later the original Karate Kid movie showed Mr. Miyagi heal Daniel-san with the qi energy from his bare hands.

Over the last 30 years I have cultivated myself through the disciplines of martial arts, meditation and qigong. This training refined my sensitivity to the subtle energies running through my body and led to an interest in using those same energies to heal others. I studied Shiatsu because it was a natural extension of what I already knew. The same pressure point manipulations that brought pain to an attacker could help to eliminate pain and heal. Next came an internship with an Herbalist and the study of Reiki energy medicine.

Other alternative healing modalities like Crystal Therapy and Sound Healing followed, which incorporated my attraction to stones and enjoyment of music.

But it was really a practical application closer to home and seeing the powerful results that led me to continue my practice of the healing arts. When I was first exploring my gifts as a healer a family member was suffering from dental pain and like many people she found herself in the position of having no health insurance. I did a combination of Reiki energy and Etheric Surgery on her to alleviate her pain. I found that this was quite effective and the results would last several days. I have found that the relaxing effects of putting the positive Reiki energy into the client works as a kind of sedative, preparing them for the etheric surgery that takes the negative energy and pain out. Over the years I have had many successes and been able to reduce the pain of menstrual cramping, relieve stomach ache, headache, toothache, gout and reduce stress in a patient with a heart condition to name but a few.

The Spiritual Warrior's Path

I live by the understanding that one should experience Nature first-hand. Much of my training as a spiritual warrior over the last two decades has been outdoors in the elements, in every season. My path of self-cultivation has included; trips and solitary retreats into the wilderness on snow covered mountains and islands off the coast. There were barefoot snow walks, meditations in the rapids of a swift moving river and a variety of survival experiences that required the use of qi energy to protect my body from cold, impact or to resist the penetration of sharp objects. Along the way I immersed myself in Taoist and Buddhist teachings, and became very proficient in both hand to hand combat and swordsmanship.

As a teenager, I often found myself hiking in the woods or better yet the mountains. It was a very solitary, meditative experience that nurtured and healed my being. I studied the myths, legends and religions of many ancient cultures, and discovered that the spiritual paths that embraced Nature resonated most with me. A fine art major in college, I created projects that were more like shrines than sculptures. I did performance pieces that were more ceremony and ritual than art or entertainment. I gathered stones, moss, feathers, shells, and shards of beach glass much the same way a shaman accumulates power objects for a mesa or medicine bundle. I then assembled these natural objects into arrangements resembling altars to emphasize the sacredness and beauty found in Nature. Unlabeled shaman, natural monk, long before I had any idea what those titles might involve, I embodied them with my natural wandering and artistic creations.

My spiritual quest led me from the rocky coast of Maine to the vast desert panoramas and red rock monoliths of the southwest, where I had a mystical experience at the ruins of an ancient native camp site while seeking out petroglyphs. Other unforgettable aspects were when I rode horseback through Monument Valley, hiked the Grand Canyon and searched for vortexes in Sedona.

Over the years, there have been unexpected interactions with advanced spiritual elders of the Taoist, Aztec, Tibetan Buddhist, Mayan, Australian Aborigine and Peruvian Inka traditions. But, I was most profoundly influenced by a vision of a Japanese master while meditating on Mt. Katahdin. He has since become a spiritual guide I am very grateful for.



"Mark is an extremely gifted and dedicated practitioner. He has profound patience
and sensitivity that help him to create a safe arena for deep healing to occur.
Mark has dedicated many years to the study of his craft and it is gratifying
to see him share this with the world."

~Deana Paqua, MA, LMT, Shamanic Practitioner, Ridgefield CT

"Dear Mark, How ever can I thank you for putting a halt to the deep ache/near
throbbing that dogged me for two weeks from my neck to my shoulder and
down to my forearm?? Ice packs and poor sleeping was the norm until your first
Reiki treatment---- which gave me a good night’s rest thereafter and great
pain relief. Neither my husband nor I could believe that after your second
treatment I ceased having any discomfort at all and I’m back to full activity
as usual. We are both amazed and grateful for your skill. Thank you again!!"

~Karen Campbell, RN. San Diego, CA

"Mark, I want to thank you for the incredible release work that you did for me
as a Shaman. You are one of the best-kept secrets of Maine. The work you
did on me is still holding strong. That to me is a "tell" of good work."
~Rev. Gloria Warner Nye, Saco, ME

"My healing session with Mark was amazingly restorative. He has such a gift and a
gentle touch. I especially loved the rock chakra healing. I will most certainly
be recommending his sessions, the blend of healing modalities was divine."
~Maheswari Julie Gammon, RYT, LMT, Auburn, ME

"Good afternoon Mark, Today marks a week without any gout pain, the longest
I have gone in at least 6 months. I am very excited about the prospect of living
a pain-free life without meds that effect the way I am able to enjoy my days.
Thanks very much for helping me. I would like to set up another appointment.”
~ Roger P., Georgetown, ME

"I have experienced numerous healing modalities from a variety of practitioners.
Mark's was one of the best sessions I have ever received. I could feel the energy
moving within myself (something I can rarely feel on a physical level) and it
was quite amazing. His presence alone is very comforting so to combine that
with his years of experience makes for a truly remarkable healer."
~ Marie Deforge, Energy Healer, Caribou, ME

"Each time I have a session with Mark, I always feel better on both an
emotional and physical level for days after the session. I recently asked Mark to
help with problems I was having with kidney stones. Through a combination
of Reiki, extraction, and sound healing, Mark was able to relieve the pain
I was in. He helped to move the negative energy out from the affected area.
As a result, I was able to pass the stone without pain, or the drama that
comes with having kidney stones."

~ Jeannie Sullivan, Portland, ME

"Dear Mark, I wish my tears of Thankfulness, could have written this.
They speak with more Truth from my Heart, than any words. You are a
highly skilled, amazingly gifted Healer, with the Purest of Heart. I have
been very Blessed to witness many Miracles. Nothing can compare to
what I have experienced while under your care. I am Eternally Grateful."
~Stephanie Manchester, LMT, Casco, ME

"Mark, Just a quick thank you for our session on Friday. I have NEVER
experienced the strength and power I felt that evening. But it was
tempered with gentleness and compassion. You are an extraordinary
and very gifted healer I feel privileged to know and have as a part
of my healing. Thank you."
~Patricia Richardson, Augusta, ME

"Mark Gerardi's workshop @ Forest Circles on Sunday was absolutely wonderful!
A tender but powerful event......I still get a little teary eyed when I call back the
memory of him chanting and giving us blessings at the fire and how the forest
shimmered with joy each time we entered, unbelievable day. If you get a chance to
attend one of his events I urge you to. He is a powerful healer and a gentle teacher.
Thank you again Mark, looking forward to your next workshop. "

~Regina Strongheart, Topsham, ME

"Knowing how to operate with energy is a masterful gift. I have always looked
upon Mark as a powerful energy master. His abilities to work with the living life
force in martial arts grants him rightful passage to heal others with this same
great ability. I am honored to call him my friend and a fellow warrior of light."
~ James Riverstone, Shamanic Practitioner, Sedona, AZ.